They say curiosity killed the cat, but in my experience an inquisitive mind has almost always lead to amazing opportunities, in amazing places, with
amazing people.


projects I would love to, or have started working on

Data Science for Social Good  »  Human Centred Design  »  Developing Data/ML Products & Services »  Building Effective Data Science Teams  »  Tech Solutions for Social Impact  »  Using Data Science to help realise the UN Sustainable Development Goals  »  Data Science R&D  »  Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence  »  Future/Smart Cities  »  Designing for a Circular Economy  »  Interactive Visualisation & Design  »  Visual Essays  »  Data Storytelling  »  Emerging Tech for Data-intensive Research »  Building a Tech Savvy Research Community  »  Mentoring & Developing Others  »  Women In Tech + STEM  »  My vegetable garden  »  Exploring the world.