How might we reduce the stigma towards, and increase employment opportunities for people of "retirement" age?

As part of IDEO and +Acumen’s 9–week course for human–centred design,
I co-led a diverse team of six to tackle a real–life design challenge.

January – March 2018 | ideo +Acumen hCD COUrse, Melbourne


Case Study


Timeline & Processes


Project Team

Arna Karick  | Data Scientist & Researcher

Aarti Nagpal  | Business Analyst, Family Safety Victoria

Jon Searle  | Cloud Architecture & Performance Analyst, nbn Australia 

Anna Paris | Operations Manager, Sacred Heart Mission

Kate Edwards–Davis  | Product Manager, Karista

Vincent Lieu  | Product Owner, QSR International

Tony Puah | Business Manager, Department of Health & Human Services

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