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Seven Women

Melbourne Winter Hackathon | June 2018

Stephanie Woollard began Seven Women 12 years ago, after meeting seven disabled women working in a tin shed in Kathmandu. These seven women were struggling to make a living in the face of harsh discrimination. With her last $200, Steph paid for trainers to teach the women how to produce products for sale locally and abroad – and Seven Women was born. Since then Seven Women has established numerous education and skills programs, as well as an ethical travel company called Hand on Development.



  • Website content that better communicates Seven Women’s mission and core projects

  • A comprehensive web accessibility report & guidelines for future development – Simple Ideas to Improve Accessibility in our CMS

  • Blogging guidelines to enable a more effective digital strategy

  • Greater visibility around philanthropy & donations

  • Simpler, more streamlined business processes, with less dependency of multiple applications and integrations

  • Google Adwords setup.

The Problem

Seven Women came to Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) with an identity crisis. As an Australian-based charity they were struggling to separate their international fundraising and advocacy work, from the specific programs and projects they run in Nepal.  They were struggling to communicate effectively with all their stakeholders and losing people along the customer journey. 

The Pitch

The Solution

Project Team

Project Pitch | Rituparna Ghosh (Seven Women), Sarah Grimm (Seven Women), assisted by Eddie Chapman (RHoK)

Project Management  | Rituparna Ghosh, Sarah Grimm, Matt Fisher

Business Analysis/Requirements  Arna Karick, Ben Dalley, Rituparna Ghosh, Sarah Grimm, Shaun Wilde

UX Research & Visual Design  Arna Karick, Ben Dalley

Website Content  Arna Karick, Ben Dalley, Judith Baeta

Website Accessibility Melissa Gattoni 

Digital Strategy  Judith Baeta

Google Analytics & Adwords  Craig Franklin 

Operational Processes & Integration Shaun Wilde, Jody Van den Schrick

RHoK Tech Mentor & Buddy | Arna Karick, Eddie Chapman

Palette Perfect: How Material Design Makes Color Easy

Palette Perfect: How Material Design Makes Color Easy

A website that makes decisions so I don't have to

A website that makes decisions so I don't have to