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A day of ML&AI  talks and catching up with LinkedIN connections and MeetUp friends

A day of ML&AI talks and catching up with LinkedIN connections and MeetUp friends

Earlier this week I set aside a day for catching up with LinkedIN connections, listening to AI podcasts, MeetUp friends, and going to various machine learning & AI talks around Melbourne. Needless to say it was pretty fun. This is what I got up to.

On the train into the city I caught up on the AI Australia podcast. This is a great podcast for finding out who is doing what in Australia and learning more about the talented people leading the charge. The podcast is created by James Wilson (CEO of Eliiza) and Nigel Dalton (REA Group). I hadn’t yet met James – I would later that day, but I had met Nigel a couple of times a few years back when the REA Group supported RHoK Australia as a National Partner.

I met and coffee with Ned Letcher (@nletcher), Principal Data Scientist at Forefront Analytics. We had a really great chat about all things data science, the challenges of building up a data science consultancy, and how using design and research methodologies from project inception through to final delivery, makes for more successful data science outcomes. I had stumbled across Ned on LinkedIn a few days earlier after looking at a Zendesk post, and he had subsequently reached out to me.

After, running a few errands I headed over to Eliiza for their monthly Responsible AI talk. There I met James Wilson (@jrwils) for the first time. Somewhat surprisingly he knew who I was from prior Responsible AI Twitter chat. This was a talk/panel discussion event on the topic of creating a new applied science to think about AI in cyber-physical systems. I had no idea of what to expect from this talk, but it naturally led to much discussion around ethics and privacy in AI, the need for some sort regulation or policy development – perhaps even some kind of Ministry for Data & AI, and conversation around accountability. The speakers were Kobi Lens (@Kobotic ) and Glen Berman (@glenberman) from the 3A Institute – check it out!!

3A Institute was established in 2017 to establish a new applied science around the management of AI, data and technology and their impact on humanity. Check it out. They are trying to address the most complex problems in this space. My main takeaway was the potential for cultural biases to become ingrained in development. I hadn’t thought too much about that, nor considered the implications of what that might mean from a legal perspective. For example there are strict laws and guidelines in place for German designed autonomous vehicles that may cause conflicts when those vehicles are used in another country.

Later that evening I caught with friends at Silverpond for the monthly, Women in Machine Learning & AI meet-up (@WiMLDS_Melb). This is always a great event. Joanne Fuller (@booleanfn) a Data Scientist at Eliiza, spoke about Sports Modelling (AFL and NRL) with Machine Learning – using primarily Tensorflow and Keras, and Genevieve Buckley (@DataNerdery) presented methods for interactively exploring large biological image datasets – using Python and Bokeh.

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