I'm a data scientist working at the intersection of technology and design. Reformed astrophysicist & former e-Research/data consultant.
RHoK Melbourne Changemaker 101

Last night we held our biannual Changemaker 101 session for our Melbourne cohort of Summer Hackathon change makers. W’re working with a really diverse group of social warriors this year, with projects focussed on improving medical services for LGBQTI patients, enabling better access to legal services, connecting volunteers within communities, and creating safe urban spaces using anecdotal sexual assault data

Software Development for Social Impact

As most change makers non-profits and social enterprises don’t typically have strong tech backgrounds, Changemaker 101 is a chance to introduce them to software development processes – specifically those that work well for RHoK, and to prepare them for what will undoubtably be an overwhelming experience.

The goal of the evening was to start unpacking the problems they’re facing within their organisation and to guide them though the process of preparing the problems statements which they will pitch at the upcoming RHoK Info Night. Our Melbourne Community Manager, Eddie Chapman (@acd_eddie) gave everyone a brief introduction to the history of RHoK Global and RHoK Australia. Roberto Pietrobon (@MrRobertoPietro) from Care to Compare, talked about his experience with RHoK as a  two-time changemaker, and I gave a brief introduction to agile methodologies; the benefit of adopting a Lean framework for software development; the concepts of rapid prototyping & measurement; how to communicate effectively with development teams; and how to craft a focussed and compelling problem statement.

The Shoppar Facial Analytics Hardware

The Shoppar Facial Analytics Hardware

Introducing the RHoK Australia – 2018 Summer Changemakers