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OzGrav website launched

The new website for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery launched today. This took just under a week to build, using the Weebly platform and fair bit of customisation to ensure there were no cross-browser and responsiveness issues. The OzGrav logo was designed in-house and the same colour scheme was adopted for the website.

Yeshe and I discussed the current site, and went through the feedback from the OzGrav collaboration. I spent the morning ironing out the last few kinks and tweaking some more of the content. There are still a number of pages to be added once their content has been approved; the Governance, Scientific Advisory, Research Translation, and Diversity & Equity Committees, as well Research Associates which are yet to be determined, and specific instrumentation, data, and astrophysics project pages. These are likely to be added mid-March, after the OzGrav Chief Investigators Retreat

The rest of the day was spent planning for  the citizen science grant, which is due at the end of the week. Yeshe and I discussed the project with Alan Duffy who will lead the public engagement aspect, should the project be funded. 

A Short History of Gravitational Waves

A Short History of Gravitational Waves

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