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techsavvyastronomer.io overhaul

I spent today at Inspire9 overhauling techsavvyastronomer.io. This morning I tried to get to the heart of hit. Why and I doing this, what is the end goal? What is the best platform for what it needs to deliver? Moving the site to Squarespace was a relatively easy decision, despite the cost. It's secure, websites are easy to manage and the templates are beautifully designed. They're responsive, play nice with all browsers, and you don't have to worry about load times. I've run into this problem with the current site. Chrome takes more time to load than I'd like. My only complaint is that rearranging content is not always easy. It's not obvious that you can just build a page using HTML. I also wanted to move away from GitHub. Although it was handy for the demo version, it's not a content management system, so I shouldn't be using it like one. Moving to a slicker platform and template also means I can worry less about functionality and more about design. I really want it to be less about me. A new design and a solid logo should go a long way towards creating a new identity.

I really like working at Inspire9 on tech days. There is a real buzz about the place and although Friday was relatively quiet, it still had a really fun atmosphere. I really like it when there are just a few conversations going on. It can get a little rowdy at times.  Residents get a better deal in this respect and for that reason I've started thinking about that. Regardless of my status, I also know that if there is something I need, expert advice, direction, resources, I can just ask one of the community managers to help me out. And of course it's nice to cross paths with people I normally wouldn't meet. It can also lead to fruitful twitter conversations. 

I caught up with Andrew for lunch. Always fun and it's a good opportunity to eat our way down Swan St. This time we chose a really fantastic vietnamese street food cafe, with an excellent little courtyard out the back. I'm a little obsessed with Viet tofu baguettes at the moment. So good.

In the afternoon I spent a little bit more time on the logo, learn't a couple of new things in GIMP, then revisited the structure of the website.  The main goal was to very quickly determine whether Squarespace could meet most of the needs. I have a couple more days to decide....




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