I'm a data scientist working at the intersection of technology and design. Reformed astrophysicist & former e-Research/data consultant.

Creative Mornings - Melbourne

Creative Mornings is a breakfast lecture series for people working in creative fields; art, design, literature, tech etc. and for those who just want a small dose of creative inspiration to kick start their working day. Each month a new topic is explored by the numerous Creative Morning chapters world-wide (currently there are 139 chapters). Melbourne has a pretty active community (@Melbourne_CM) and I've met some really fabulous and similarly tenacious people that I wouldn't normally meet. These folks have managed to get past the naysayers and have just gone for it. It's a fantastic way to meet people locally make real connections, even if you work in a completely different field.



Breakfast gatherings in Melbourne are held on Friday mornings at Donkey Wheel House on Bourke St (Spencer St station end), next to Kinfolk coffee and the School of Life. There is always fresh-coffee thanks to Clement Coffee Roasters and yummy food (croissants etc.) to start the day. The whole event is free which is fantastic and it's not at all intimidating. 

Talks are typically longer than TED Talks so you usually get a much better sense of how people have turned their ideas into something real. As much as I love TED Talks, there is something very scripted about them, like a final project presentation or a final performance. After a while you can start to see the TED talk formula. Creative Mornings talks are less about self-promotion and professional speaking and more about the stories and projects. Some of them are quite long, a good half hour or so, but they almost always include a fair bit of Q&A. Best of all, if once a month isn't enough to get your creative morning fix, all the Creative Morning talks (worldwide) are posted on the website shortly after each event.

One of best things about these events are Jessamy's (@JessamyG_draws) graphic recordings of the talk. These are done live at each event, and it's always nice to chat with her afterwards.




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