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Code: debugging the gender gap

Last night I saw Code: debugging the gender gap at Cinema Nova, a documentary screening part of the Transitions Festival. This is one of my favourite film festivals in Melbourne and I always come away feeling like l want to take on the world. 

Uploaded by CODE Documentary on 2015-09-09.

It was one of those films that is both inspiring and alarming. The gender balance is so much worse in computing than in academic fields like physics. Yet thanks to gaming, and the use laptops and mobile devices in primary/junior schools,  many young girls are learning how to code. getting involved in coding initiatives.  On average, 15% of tech roles at Facebook, Google, Microsoft are women. For leadership roles it's about 25%. Women report the same gender biases as in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

To help rectify this, there are a growing number of coding initiatives that target women and other minority groups. These are having a huge impact on traditional views and more importantly they provide real power to the people. Some of my favourite include: Tech Girls are Superheroes, Black Girls Code – which features in this doco, Girl Geek Academy, and Women Who Code.





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