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New book by Dr. Katy Huff –  Effective Computation in Physics

New book by Dr. Katy Huff –  Effective Computation in Physics

Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) fellow Dr. Katy Huff recently launched her new book Effective Computation in Physics: Field Guide to Research in Python, written with her co-author Anthony Scopatz and published through O’Reilly. I first met Katy when I visited BIDS in December 2014. She had just started her fellowship (around August 2014 I think... ) and was already leading the charge in Python training (Software Carpentry) and the Hacker Within at Berkeley. A few months later Katy kindly agreed to help me set up Swinburne Hacker Within.

I'm really pleased that she's gone one step further to publish this book. To be honest I'm not at all surprised. The BIDS fellows are a really impressive bunch of early and mid career researchers. You can read about the book launch on the BIDS website. At first glance it looks pretty fantastic and I think it's going to be really useful for researchers at Swinburne. It's available through Swinburne Library's Safari Books portal.

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