I'm a data scientist working at the intersection of technology and design. Reformed astrophysicist & former e-Research/data consultant.

.Astronomy Hacks – Image Gallery


The .Astronomy Hacks – Image Gallery is a visual feast of hack day projects from the past eight years of .Astronomy conferences. If you would like your project to appear on this website please make sure to upload all relevant details to the .Astronomy Hacks Collector, which contains a more complete list of hacks. This is an ongoing project.

Screenshot of the .Astronomy Hacks – Image Gallery (click through to website)

Screenshot of the .Astronomy Hacks – Image Gallery (click through to website)

The Astronomy Hacks Collector was built by Thomas Robitaille (UK), Erik Tollerud (STScI), Daina Bouquin (Harvard-CfA), Becky Smethurst (Oxford), Edward Gomez (LCOGT) and myself at .Astronomy8, in July 2016. I take no credit for the coding, the magic was done entirely by those mentioned above. My responsibility was scouring Twitter feeds, GitHub repositories, and research home pages, to find past and ongoing hacks from previous conferences. I also created many of the the initial YAML files (project content), reviewed workflows, and contributed to overall testing... usually by breaking things. 



Project Apollo – Data Driven Stories

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