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RHoK organising committee meeting at Pozible HQ

It's always fun to hang out at a tech company and Pozible HQ is no exception. Their Melbourne HQ is based in Collingwood and operates a co-working space. They are incredibly supportive of the the RHoK initiative and very kindly host our Melbourne Organisers committee meetings and numerous RHoLLs.

This week the organising committee* met to start planning the next RHoK Winter Hackathon. The first meetings are always fun and basically just a chance for everyone to catchup after a few months apart. Since the dates and venue were already set we spent most of the time discussing the planned Agile 101,  Ideation and info nights, which companies we'd like to host them, and what we wanted the change makers, and RHoKstars to get out of them. We also talked about potential sponsors, reviewed the current applications, indulged in ginger beer and pizza, and generally had a lovely time. 

Right Click Community were at Pozible that evening for a RHoLL. I'm really pleased to see Jess's idea take off and it's great to see her continue working with her team of volunteer developers. This is perhaps what I love most about RHoK. It's building a community of people who really care about the projects, care that they succeed, and are willing to donate their time and expertise months after the hackathon.

* The RHoK Melbourne organising committee consists of;

  • Angus Hervey (@angushervey), RHoK Community Manager and Future Crunch co-founder
  • Mandi Hicks (@ZombieGRl64),  Business Analyst at MYOB
  • Samara Neilson (@EvilAngelPixie), Research Data Co-ordinator at Swinburne Research
  • Tim Elliot,  Industrial Designer at Tricycle Developments
  • Tim Mutton (@HelloTimMutton), Software Developer at Outware Mobile
  • Andre Vidic (@dreJ2k), Full-stack Developer - RHoK Tech Lead
  • Andras Bubics (@orochi_kazu), DiUS Computing
  • Craig Read (@Catharz), Software Engineer at Redbubble, and
  • myself (@drarnakarick), Astronomer/research consultant and hacker enthusiast

What is a RHoLL?

Finishing what we start is really important for everyone at RHoK. Unlike many other hackathons where projects and/or pitches wrap up at the end   weekend (whether they are complete or not) we believe in making sure changemakers have a final product, or something that can help with their long terms goals - be it a prototype app, a website or something else that will help them gain further funding. Ultimately we want to come up with solutions that are actually used by the wider community. So, during the year we run what are known as RHoLLs, where our changemakers get together with our hackers to continue working on individual projects. This is where the real nuts and bolts happen. We pride ourselves on finishing what we start, and this is something that sets us apart from other hackathons.

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