I'm a data scientist working at the intersection of technology and design. Reformed astrophysicist & former e-Research/data consultant.

My last few weeks at Swinburne Research

I've spent the past few weeks wrapping everything up at Swinburne. January is a strange time to be leaving. It's that time of the year when the University is just starting to wake up, many people are still away, last year's projects are wrapping up, and new initiatives – although unclear – are on the horizon. 

Toward the end of December we had our last ITS for Research working group meeting, and set some clear goals for 2016. I found myself in the odd position of having to decline meeting invites set for after my contract ends, and flagging agenda items that would need to be passed on to someone else. 

The Swinburne Institute Model is still a work in progress. Today I sent emails to the Centre Directors and PVCs leading the various working groups, outlining the timeline for tasks ahead. Still so much to do. Fortunately Swinburne Research has a relatively large team of people to take over everything. 

 Having said that I'm sure there are some things that will slip through the cracks...


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