I'm a data scientist working at the intersection of technology and design. Reformed astrophysicist & former e-Research/data consultant.

ITS Project Roadshow #2

Earlier this week I went to the second Swinburne ITS Projects Roadshow.  Three projects were showcased this time:

  • The Policy Review Project – The Journey – Kornel Koffsovitz (Associate Director, Legal, Regulatory and Secretariat), Chris Pilgrim (Pro Vice Chancellor, Education & Quality), and  Emma Lincoln (Associate Director, Process Integrity)
  • Student Placements – Andrew Willshire (Project Manager, ITS) 
    Kirsten Kiefer (Business Analyst, ITS)
  • Build your own universe with Swinburne's Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory – Prof. Darren Croton (Centre for Supercomputing Astrophysics)

Not surprisingly, for me Darren's talk was the most interesting, despite having seen it before. The audience was clearly engaged given the flurry of very good questions that Darren was bombarded with.

I was surprised to see the Policy Review Project in this context, I hadn't appreciated how ITS involved it was, although I did know that it did include a large reshuffling of the Universities website. During my first year at Swinburne I was tasked with writing the University's Data Management Policy so I had a fair idea of what the policy office was dealing with. Still, it wasn't the sort of project you would expect to see from an ITS Roadshow, and needless to say it was a nice addition. As usual, the coffee and pastries made it all worthwhile.

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Software Carpentry – Round 9 Workshops Debrief