I'm a data scientist working at the intersection of technology and design. Reformed astrophysicist & former e-Research/data consultant.

My week on @astrotweeps

Last week I was a the guest tweeter for Astrotweeps. I must admit this is a lot of fun and it seems to attract a lot of public interest. Most people following @astrotweeps asked me general questions about data science and wanted to know my thoughts about the most useful research tools that academics would need to enhance their research outputs, or the skills that would need to learn to make the transition into the tech industry.

Some background for the uninitiated. Astrotweeps started with the Hack Day at the 223rd American Astronomical Society meeting and is inspired by the AstroCanada Twitter account. Each week an astronomer or planetary scientist takes over the @astrotweeps account and tweets about their science, research, and interesting news in their field. You can follow the conversations on Twitter, Facebook, or on the Astrotweeps webpage. The schedule fills up pretty quickly - I submitted interest a few months in advance - and it's updated often. I recommend checking out the schedule in advance and adding your favourite astronomer to your calendar. If you follow as many people as I do tweets will get lost in the noise. At the end of the week tweets are collated in Storify. You can check out My week on Astrotweeps.

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