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.astronomy6 director's lunch talk (slides)

Here are the slides from the .Astronomy6 wrap-up talk I recently gave at the Swinburne Astronomy group's, Director's Lunch talk series. The talk was based on my previous blog post and it generated quite a buzz among the younger researchers. Only about a quarter of the astronomy group were aware of .Astronomy community but hopefully we can change that by hosting the 2015 conference in Australia. I also advertised a new initiative - The Hacker Within: Swinburne  - that I hope to get up and running in a couple of weeks. The idea is to start build up software skills by working on .Astronomy hack projects throughout the year, rather than just relying on the online courses such as Coursera, Codecademy and Software and Data Carpentry. My gut feeling is that a project based approach will enable researchers to learn more quickly, actually have projects to showcase their efforts, potentially improve/complement their existing research projects, and better prepare them for .Astronomy7, and help build up the skills required for alternative career paths. Plus why should .Astronomy (fun, fun, fun!) be restricted to once a year? It's also a cunning way to give myself more time to work on new projects and ideas.

These slides can also be downloaded from Speaker Deck.



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