I'm a data scientist working at the intersection of technology and design. Reformed astrophysicist & former e-Research/data consultant.

The Swinburne/ANDS Metadata Stores Project

In late 2012, Swinburne was successful in obtaining funding from the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) for the development of MyTardis and ReDBox research data management systems. The overall goal of the initiative was to implement a number of systems with the potential to support university-wide solutions for the discovery, sharing and re-use of rich data collections. Swinburne's research data collections would also be fed directly to Research Data Australia, the primary data discovery service of the Australian National Data Service. There area many potential benefits of such systems including improved research data management and compliance, increased visibility of Swinburne's research projects, data-discovery and the ability to assess needs and contribute to strategic planning decisions concerning ITS infrastructure for research. 

Woodland Trust and A Year in the Wild

"The importance of stupidity in scientific research"