I'm a data scientist working at the intersection of technology and design. Reformed astrophysicist & former e-Research/data consultant.

Chasing Telescopes – New Blog

Well here it is. The new research blog. Why? Because it occurred to me a few weeks ago that my non-astronomy friends and family still don’t really know what I do each day. I also figured that it might help explain why I keep moving country/continent every few years.

To be honest the idea came to me after receiving emails from my father that went something like this... “What's happening in the universe? are we going to cop it in 2012 from the anticipated sun flare? Where can we hide? What's going to happen to us?”, and the odd phone call that begins with... “so what’s all this talk about a new planet?”

I had already started a sort-of-blog when I worked at LLNL. More like a photo diary, on actual paper with 35mm film, that I was slowly digitising. I started scanning my box of photos and writing a private "blog" on my  Mac PPC. Unfortunately I managed to delete most of it, although the photos are still in a box somewhere.

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