Creative Coding Projects

2015 – present | Melbourne + Abroard


A few years ago I started creating small projects and began writing them up as Chasing Telescopes blog posts. The intent was to demonstrate what can can be created with just a handful of coding tools in your kit. Creating projects (no matter how small) is an excellent way to learn a new programming language, implement a new library or package, and to get your hands dirty with tools you are not familiar with.  It's also a great way explore various data analysis techniques, and data visualisation tools. I’m also a fan on using ready-to-use web tools. These can be really useful for outreach projects, or when I want to get something visual up and running fairly quickly, and don’t necessarily want (or need) to build it from scratch.

For data analysis: I mainly use Python (NumPy, SciPy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn); SQL; and UNIX languages (e.g. Bash, AWK) and shell scripts (e.g C–shell for wrappers and batch jobs). For code management & issues tracking: I use git version control with GitHubBitBucket, SourceTree (Git GUI); Jupyter Notebooks, Jupyter Lab, and Spyder IDE. Specific data visualisation libraries & tools: include, matplotlib, ggplotPlotly, BokehD3.js and dimple.js javascript libraries, Carto, TimelineJS, and Odessy. For machine learning: I use scikit-learn (e.g. for classification, clustering and regression), and NLTK (e.g. for language processing). For web development: I use HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript libraries (JQuery), JSONGitHub Pages (for hosting); and HTML5UP! (for web templates); Atom and LightTable (for code editing), GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation), and Dreamweaver

Machine Learning & Data Visualisation Projects

Exploratory Data Analysis  »  Creative Machine Learning


Understanding Customer Behaviour: Predicting Attention Span

Working with Shoppar as a Pivigo Data Science Fellow

Creating colour palettes from images

A Jupyter Notebook tutorial that uses Python's scikit-learn & matplotlib package

Machine Learning Tutorial using SDSS quasar data

A Jupyter Notebook tutorial that explores Machine Learning methods (clustering, regression) using Python's scikit-learn & matplotlib package


Data Visualisation & Storytelling Projects

Exploratory Data Analysis  »  Interactive Visualisation  »  Science Communication  »  Astrophysics in a Data Science Context  » 


Astrophysics to Data Science

Visualising the career paths of astronomers turned data scientists – D3.js sequences starburst.

Exploring research data interactively

Creating an interactive plots of the Atlas3D dataset using the dimple.js javascript library

Research Backgrounds of Insight Data Science Fellows

Exploring the research profiles of Insight Data Science Fellows using the d3js co-occurrence matrix & trulia heat map

A Short History of Gravitational Waves

An interactive TimelineJS visualisation created for OzGrav – the ARC CoE for Gravitational Wave Discovery

Visualising Research Data

Astronomy data presented in scientific journal papers, conference talks, and research meetings.

Visualising an art exhibition

A may contain data project that includes both tactile and interactive web (coming soon) visualisations

Interactive UTMOST Commissioning Timeline

An interactive TimelineJS visualisation created for the UTMOST Telescope

Find your next AstroTech conference

A visualisation for built using the Carto mapping platform. Also uses Google Spreadsheets, SQL & custom CSS

Atlas3D XXIII in a Data Science Context

A Jupyter Notebook that presents astrophysics research
in the context of
data science

Visualising the UNIX/Python Software Carpentry workshop

The D3.js sequences sunburst was used to
explore the diversity of workshop participants

Mapping the rise of Data Science Institutes around the world

A visualisation built using the Carto mapping platform. Also uses Google Spreadsheet & SQL, and custom CSS

Interactive Map of Optical & Radio Telescopes

A visualisation built using the Carto mapping platform. Also uses Google Spreadsheets, SQL & custom CSS

Web Experiments

Science Communication  »  Citizen Science Projects  »  #dotastro Experiments

A website that makes decisions so I don't have to

Built using GitHub,, HTML5, CSS & JQuery

A Squarespace website that empowering researchers to redesign their careers. Logo design using iconfinder & GIMP

#dotastro Hack Graveyard

Need a hack idea? revive one of ours! Forgotten or failed hacks from .Astronomy. Built using GitHub,, HTML5, CSS & JQuery

.Astronomy Hacks – Image Gallery

A visual feast of hack day projects from the past eight years of .Astronomy conferences. Built using GitHub,, HTML5 & CSS


Project Apollo – Data Driven Stories

A demo citizen science project to ecreate the stories from the Apollo missions. Built using the Flickr API, Python, TimelineJS, and the Zooniverse Project Builder