I work at the intersection
of data science, technology and human-centred design.
Former astrophysicist &
e-Research/data consultant.

The Original Lifehackers

For your Wednesday morning coffee...

Liz Jackson, and founder of The Disabled List, talks about the misconceptions around disability and shares practical tips on how to design with disability, not for disability. Brought to you by Creative Mornings NYC

11% of our college population is disabled and disability is an emerging trillion dollar market the size of China, and yet the [traditional institutional] model of disability still lives on
— Liz Jackson

Liz also WITH, a program that places New York City’s creative disabled talent into the city’s top design studios for a 3-month Fellowship. The goal is to create new pathways into design for disabled people.

... disabled people are the original live hackers. We developed an intuitive creativity because we have been forced to navigate a world that isn’t not built for our bodies
— Liz Jackson

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