Dalberg Data Insights identifies areas at-risk for food insecurity using mobile phone data

From the Dalberg Data Insights blog…

“Widespread poverty in Uganda is closely related to food insecurity and malnutrition, with 36% of children in the country chronically undernourished or stunted.  For development actors to effectively respond to crisis, they must be able to understand which communities are most vulnerable in real-time and at high geographic granularity. Food security intervention planning however often relies on outdated survey data, which harms the efficacy of these interventions.

Recent research indicates that mobile phone data can be linked to food insecurity because mobile phone usage patterns reveal shocks to household expenditure in real-time. Considering this research, Dalberg Data Insights has built a Food Security Manager that displays changes in mobile phone top-up patterns, where certain changes in spending serve as further indicators for changes in food spending. The Food Security Manager allows development actors to pinpoint where food shortages and malnutrition may occur so that food security actors can better distribute resources to the most vulnerable communities….”. READ MORE >>

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Part 3 – Working as an Effective Data Science Team

Part 3 – Working as an Effective Data Science Team