Swinburne Hacker Within - Week 8

SHW Week 8 website: CartoDB - Maps for the web made easy

what we talked about...

After a short overview of CartoDB and why you might want to use it for research (enhancing your research outputs, for presentations, for outreach etc.) we launched into a broader discussion about data visualisation and copyright. We spent a fair bit of time talking about the underlying Open Street Map data - originally CartoDB used Google Maps data - and copyright in this context.

Robin Wright, Swinburne's Copyright Manager talked about copyright law in Australia, specifically about some notable cases that have been brought before the courts. Copyright in the context of data and visualisations is different in the US, UK and Australia, and legislation in all countries is very much behind the growing tech industry. Chris Fluke also showed us The Astronomical Tourist which he created years ago (pre-CartoDB) as part of his Astronomy Outreach work. The website is designed to educate the masses about the History of Astronomy. If you take a close look at sights in Egypt (pyramids) or England (Stonehenge) you can overlay the path of sun at the summer and winter solstice - nice. Chris leads the Scienctific Computing and Visualisation Group within the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing.

CartoDB Map Gallery

CartoDB Map Gallery